Best stock investments – A Couple more Stop Loss Alerts

Best stock investments

As has been the norm for the past couple weeks of market weakness, the stop loss alerts I’ve been experimenting with have hit more alerts this week in my personal portfolio… so I’ve got two more entries in the “stop loss test” to tell you about.

We had a stop loss triggered for Douglas Dynamics at $18 and change, so I followed that for half of my position. My inclination, as the shares have dipped further over this past week would have been to buy more… so this sets a showdown (again) between my preference and the stop loss alert from Tradestops. If you haven’t seen my earlier notes about this, I’m basically, with a few exceptions of stocks I’m unwilling to sell, cutting each position in half in my portfolio and using alerts for half and “the old way” (deciding based on my personal opinion about current valuation and prospects) for the other half.

So far, in the generally weak market over the last six months, stop losses are winning… but this test isn’t about six …

– Best stock investments

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