Best stock investments – Friday File: Energy Storage Ideas, plus some updates

Best stock investments

So what’s been happening since I last wrote to you, dear Irregulars? I’ve got a couple teaser picks to reveal for you in a moment, but first there are a few thoughts to get off the ol’ Gumshoe chest.

We’ve seen a nice recovery from the healthcare REITs, which are still quite reasonably priced (DOC, OHI, VTR and MPW are the ones I’ve bought into personally) — the one that remains relatively more depressed is Medical Properties Trust (MPW), but even that has come back a bit as management continues to follow through on what investors expected. They said they’d clear up their balance sheet worries by getting more permanent capital, and probably by selling some assets — so far they’ve done the easier and faster part of that, with their oversubscribed $500 million bond offering, and I expect they’ll follow through with the rest and that the high dividend (nearly 8% now) will remain fine and well-covered even if it’s not likely to be raised in the next few quarters.

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