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Best stock investments

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I have written a letter to the CEO / Chairman of AIG advising them how they could get out of the SIFI Status with FED Oversight. I said that Bershire Hathaway started with a holding company to hold GEICO. It through off tremendous cash to buy other companies. Why can’t AIG do the same. Create a holding company and there’s a few companies I recommended, e.g., Catapillar and GE’s Appliance Division and maybe Syngenta to start with. Why should we let AIG which originally started in China, let the Chinese guy Syngenta and GE’s Appliance Division. I have a problem with China buying everything. Especially, when they bought IBM’s PC Division and have turned it into a military weapon. I believe they are stealing the liquidity out of our banks. Banks stocks have been tanking. The macro economy is being manipulated by China commodities. They were buying heavy iron ore from Australia and Brazil, not any more. Why? Are they heading us for a world collapse? Are all their 150,000
government businesses bankrupt like a 150,000 Enrons. Is the Yuan a bankrupt currency. IBM’s going great guns into bitcoins. How do we investors benefit from bitcoin? I haven’t heard recently about the canoe rowing brothers from Harvard who sewed the Facebook Guy: Zuck about their bitcoin ETF. Any ideas on these subjects. Any investment ideas, kimosabey?

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