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Question #5: What makes “the next Bitcoin” better than Bitcoin?

It has to do with the underlying technology, the “blockchain.”

You see, Bitcoin was a pioneer with this technology… however, their blockchain is essentially only usable for currency.

On top of that, as I mentioned in my article up top, it’s relatively slow (taking 10 minutes per transaction vs. 15 seconds for “the next Bitcoin”).

The genius behind what Vitalik Buterin did is… essentially… he created a new blockchain—a “blockchain for everything.”

That’s why IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, and 11 banks are behind this. And why 31 more banks and the Toronto Stock Exchange are looking into it.

With “the next Bitcoin,” you have a new, more secure and efficient way of doing things in countless industries.

You can have a check “clear” instantly instead of in 5 days… You can buy a stock and have it transferred to you automatically instead of in 72 hours… and all sorts of things.

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