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In case you missed it. These recordings were discovered by Hendrixleaks and previously published in the ”Gold’s Next Bull Run ? What to buy” on June 8., 2016
Satire, of course. But still timely.

hendrixnuzzles June 8, 2016 4:05 am

JY: Hey Boss, those employment numbers are really bad. But we need to raise rates a little tiny bit.
BHO: Yeah, I can see that. But it’s OK, just leave it alone, we don’t want a stock and bond crash right before the election. And don’t call me Boss. You are independent and you know who the real bosses are.
JY: Speaking of which, the guys at Goldman and Citi and JP Morgan Chase and the others aren’t complaining, they will figure out how to make money whatever happens as long as they know beforehand. But we are looking pretty stupid and I don’t think this Negative Rate thing will fly. It just doesn’t make any sense and will make things really weird. It’s embarrassing.
BHO: Yeah, I can see that. The Negative Rate thing’s not working for the Europeans or the Japs, either. Just tough it out. No one said this job would be easy every day.
JY: We really need a tiny, teeny rate increase to maintain credibility.
BHO: Look, you may have to just look a little silly for a couple months. You just raised the possibility of a .25% increase a while ago, and look what happened. We can’t have a stock and bond crash right now, the Chinese will wind up buying everything in sight, and our budget deficit will reach Mars before our next spacecraft does.
Just sit tight and keep making threatening noises. Growl enough to keep the dollar strong for a little while longer and gold prices within reason. We can’t have Rickards and Casey crowing about $10,000 gold when Hillary is campaigning in Taxes. Whoops, I mean Texas, of course. And we can’t have the remnants of the middle class see their IRAs and home equity vaporized in the next few months. There’s a few of them left out there and they will get torqued off and write in Sanders or vote for Trump…except for those who didn’t have private sector jobs, or savings, or home equity.
JY: Hey boss, wait a minute, then maybe it’s OK, I think you can win without them.
BHO: Really ? I’ll have to do the math…But if we can win for sure with the votes of government employees and benefit recipients, and those who have no home equity or savings, and the vested interests in establishment industries like government, defense, medicine, insurance, financial services, education, and all the misguided liberals, and get the media behind us with our minority friends, we might win anyway. So it might be OK to raise the Fed rate by a quarter of a percent. But I’ll have to get back to you.
JY: Thanks, Boss. I mean, Mr. President.

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