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Best stock investments

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Woke up this morning and checked the in-box and was faced with Dr. Kent Moor’s latest ”Chinese Doomsday plan set into motion”. Not the best way to wake up, but it did get my attention…but not enough to actually watch/listen to the ”brief” video. Brief seems to be an alternative truth to these newsletter guys.

Anyway, I saw US aircraft carrier mock ups in the Gobi desert with huge holes (in the sand), and intimations that doom and gloom for our naval carrier force deterrent was now a fact, with the result being the inevitable ceding of the South China Sea to the godless commies.

However, every stick has a carrot (or so the Marquis de Sade never led us to believe) and eventually he (Moors) eased into the pitch. By that time i had also walked the non-existent dog, drank 3 cups of java, read the Wall Street Journal cover to cover, and day dreamed of, well strangely enough, brevity and world peace. So I missed the actual pitch. I have funds in hand to invest in the solution to the ”Assassin’s Mace” but don’t know where to put them and I’m full up with coffee and not willing to listen to whole thing again (although at times Gabe sends me a transcript at some point, since I rarely am able to finish one of these ”brief” videos.)

What the heck was he talking about, and should I go to DEFCON 1?

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