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“It was like a teetering house of cards,

A contortionist strumming a ukulele,

A gorilla raging in someone’s attic,

A car graveyard frantic to get back

On the interstate highway in a tornado,

Tolstoy’s beard in his mad old age,

General Custer’s stuffed horse…

What was? I ask myself and have no idea,

But it’ll come to me one of these days.”

—-Charles Simic, in New York Review of Books, 5 November 2015 issue

An ugly corporate week for Zafgen ($ZFGN), one that seemingly intensified each day with new revelations from management, leaves us with ample reason to contemplate the future of this stock.

We introduced readers to Zafgen on 19 February 2015 in a column. We covered its tri-prong approach to obesity: that it was using relatively novel drug beloranib, an analog of a fungal compound fumagillin known to incur tremendous weight loss in laboratory animals. Zafgen was studying beloranib in Prader-Willi syndrome patients, in patients with severe head injuries that dysregulate appetite and energy disposition, and in the overnourished obese (including people with type II diabetes). …

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