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Best stock investments

WTF? JUL 21 2016, 05:00:42 PM CATCHDONUTZ
Hey backoffice, Travis, et al gumshoe community:

If you’re ever curious about any MF pitch, here’s a hack to cut thru their bloated, drawn out, insufferable video yawns.

Once you land on the video page, simply click to close the browser window. A popup will appear asking “Do you want to leave this site?”

Click “Stay” and the window will refresh with an exact text transcript of the video content. You can then quickly scan (or Ctrl F) thru the pitch to expose (if any) valuable info. 1 LIKES REPLY


WTF? What the free? Catch them Donutz ha ha ha catch them donutz he he he
You’re a geniuz ? This shall save the ignorant hourz and hourz of time…

– Best stock investments

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