Best stock investments – Microblog: When to bail out of the US Dollar

Best stock investments


I am a loyal fan of your info and enjoy your great tips of how to make
money and how to protect our money.

My wife and I are retired professionals and have a reasonable savings
and income from retirement and social security from our lives as
professionals. We have no debt. We have most of our investments
invested in industrial bonds and some in gold and silver stock and
currency. We are extremely afraid that if we do nothing more, we will
loose a substantial amount of our life’s buying power.

To do nothing more will surely result in disaster!

What do you recommend for the somewhat prepared like us and what are
you doing to protect your wealth in the face of the impending

Do you believe. as we do, that we will have another great depression
in the USA like the great depression of the 1930s?

Your take on this subject would be of great value to your subscribers.
These are not normal times!

If you keep on doing the same things and expect different results in
the face of the new great depression, you cannot expect different

Looking for some sage advice from the Stock Gumshoe.

– Best stock investments

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