Best stock investments – Special Commentary: Turbulence for Esperion

Best stock investments

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medicine and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. He choses his own topics, his words and opinions are his own, and he has agreed to our trading restrictions. You can see his Stock Gumshoe page here.]

When I was an undergraduate student, I became a good friend of Michael D., an aging veterinarian with hippie sensibilities who was an obsessive flier of large-wingspan competition kites….the kind that would occasionally jerk you up off the ground and for which you need 300-pound test line. He taught me to fly, and though in time I became adept, especially at stunts, on our first session in the southern California high desert, things sometimes got crazy among the Joshua trees. I was flying one of his most difficult-to-handle fast kites, and a strong gust made it power-dive deep into the sand.

Michael howled in laughter. “Hell man, if you ain’t a-crashin’ it, you ain’t flyin‘ it! Relaunch!” His long white beard swirled about his face in the 35-mph wind; he looked like a madman.

If there’s no …

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– Best stock investments

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