Best stock investments – Stansberry’s “Metropolitan Club” plan for the Gold Bull Mania

Best stock investments

Porter Stansberry is probably the best marketer out there in the financial newsletter world, and has access to the biggest email lists both within his company and in partnership with all of Agora’s other subsidiaries and affiliates… so when one of his ideas or letters gets a big marketing push, it tends to have a big impact and drive a lot of questions my way.

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Paid members get a quick summary of the stocks teased and our thoughts here. Join as a Stock Gumshoe Irregular today (already a member? log in at top right)That’s certainly the case with his new push for gold, which he’s been ramping up over the past week or two — starting with a “special presentation” earlier on Wednesday. This is all in service of his new letter, which he’s calling Stansberry Gold Investor… and he’s also selling it in a different way, with a $1,500 up-front fee and, after that, a monthly $49 charge for “portfolio updates,” neither of which is refundable.

So, again, I feel like I …

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