Best stock investments – Stop loss sale in insurance

Best stock investments

I hold back a few of my holdings from the stop-loss experiment I’ve been running over the past several months using, including insurance-related names Berkshire Hathaway and Markel (both of which are in my top five individual equity holdings), but most of my positions are “exposed” to this experiment and are subject to be sold.

If you weren’t around when I started this experiment, the basic rules are that at least half of my personal position will be sold when the “smart stop” that Tradestops set hits (those smart stops are based on volatility and trailing highs), and I’m using my judgement to determine whether to hold the other half. After a year or so has passed, I will look back to see whether my judgement or the automatic stop loss sale was the better call. I also note the stop loss levels for the stocks I’ve written about as “Idea of the month” stocks for the Irregulars when I can, and try to include those on the Irregulars spreadsheets.

And this week we had another victim, which will …

– Best stock investments

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