Best stock to invest in – Amyris Inks $100M+ Biofene Supply Pact

Best stock to invest in

Jim Lane

In California, the Eco-Emirs of Emeryville, Amyris (AMRS)
executed a five year Biofene supply agreement with a global
nutraceuticals company.

Upping the ante from January

This new, long-term agreement replaces the parties’ one-year
purchase agreement, which was previously announced on January 4,
2016. More
on that deal here

Under the new supply agreement, the mystery customer has agreed
to a larger Biofene purchase in 2016 with an expected revenue
contribution of approximately $9 million and to minimum annual
purchase commitments in each of the remaining years of the

In addition, under the new agreement, Amyris is entitled to a
quarterly value-share arrangement on the sales of the customer’s
product made from the purchased Biofene. Amyris expects total
revenue from the five-year agreement to be more than $100 million.
In year-five of the supply agreement term, the agreement is
projected to generate approximately $40 million of annual revenue,
which Amyris expects will be renewed at that level in subsequent

A 2016 Farnesene Fiesta?

For biofene, the Brotas plant in now sold out through 2020. We
look at Amyris’ 2016 horizons here.

The Amyris Story

John Melo discusses Amyris’ immediate horizons with The Digest
and BioChannel.TV

Also on BioChannel.TV, Amyris is the first company up in this
episode from March Madness, 50 Hot Companies
50 Quick Takes, here

The Amyris 2016 8-Slide
Guide is here.

The Latest on Amyris Biossance
is here.

Amyris debuts Pathways Program: access
to its synthetic biology technology

Reaction from Planet Amyris

“This agreement represents a new highly disruptive partner
application for our flexible Biofene ingredient ─ which supports
multiple broad-based market applications and further solidifies
Amyris’s track record of helping solve partners’ supply and
product margin needs by supplying cost-advantaged renewable
ingredients that perform better than current supply sources,” said
CEO John Melo.

“We are experiencing significant growth in demand for our Biofene
and Biofene-derivative applications from large markets such as
tires, industrial lubricants, solvents, and nutraceuticals. This
demand growth is accelerating our mission to make renewable
products mainstream while making our company sustainable.”

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– Best stock to invest in

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