Best stock to invest in – President-Elect Trump: A Gift?

Best stock to invest in

by John Fullerton

Imagine if you can, Donald Trump has arrived as a gift, to
illuminate for us the American “shadow” at this pivotal moment in
history. The Swiss Psychiatrist C.G. Jung refers to “the shadow”
as the dark side of one’s self. The shadow, Jung wrote in 1963,
“is that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and
guilt-laden” aspect of our personality hiding out in the
unconscious. Failure to recognize our shadow leaves us exposed to
the destructive possession by our disowned shadow.

Are we prepared to see the message of the shadow, illuminating
our ongoing collective cultural flaws—more prevalent and tolerated
than we would like to admit—from narcissism and misogyny to racism
and bigotry? Are we prepared to face the fact that our extractive
neoliberal economic ideology has utterly failed us, including
trade policies that Trump has shined a light on? Will we now
address the lost dignity and fear among a majority of hard-working
Americans while wealth soars among a small percentage of Americans
to grotesque levels? Do we finally acknowledge the corruption of
the special-interest-owned polity controlled by the donor and
ruling classes who operate under different rules from the rest of
us? The shadow points to lost trust in our institutions for good
reason, from government to Wall Street to big business to
mainstream media. Do we now see that wealth and winning at all
cost is not success, that we lack urgency in dealing with the
crisis in American education, or in our mental health crisis?
(Yes, Trump appears mentally unstable.) Finally, and perhaps most
dangerous in the long run, the shadow points to our lack of moral
responsibility to deal with climate change with an urgency that is
far beyond anything Obama has proposed.

Trump is of course a dangerous conman. The opportunist wants to
“make America great again,” invoking a sense of loss among the
vulnerable and cruelly seducing with false promises. But more
deeply, is this call to recover our greatness not the shadow
pointing to our inflated pride in the idea of American
Exceptionalism? Is it not time we honor the greater and higher
ideals America was founded upon – life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness – and the timeless and universal values of humility,
grace, gratitude, and loving membership within the beautiful and
diverse humanity we share with one another, and with all life

A prescient article on the collapse of
American Oligarchy, written by Capital Institute’s Science Advisor
Dr. Sally Goerner in April, is well worth a revisit on this new
“morning in America.” And her timely analysis of the psychological
underpinnings of Trump when he won the Republican nomination has
now become essential reading if we are to understand why “this
neo-fascist upsurge is a classic consequence of the breakdown of
the bonds of love, strength, and intelligence that hold a society
together and why rebuilding these bonds is critical to our

It’s been a slippery slope to our current predicament in my adult
lifetime. I experienced this slide first hand on Wall Street
beginning in the early 1980s, where our terminal, finance-driven
neoliberal ideology first manifested, and then metastasized
throughout society. So blame me. Turns out we were more clever
than smart.

On one level, waking up on 11-9 felt worse than when I
experienced 9-11 first hand. I have had very difficult
conversations with my children, one of whom had to field questions
from her second graders about whether “grandma would be deported.”
It’s all incomprehensible, terrifying, and as my daughter said,
it’s an embarrassment.

And yet…

The “great change” we must usher in was not happening before. It
was not going to happen under Hillary Clinton. The mere fact that
the Clintons have amassed a $200mm fortune since the former
President left office, without creating any economic enterprise,
is beyond unseemly. With hindsight, it was a mistake of the
Democratic Party to allow her to run, despite her unmatched
experience and the appeal of the first woman to reach the White
House. The self-important Party hacks were simply “not serious”
about the real systemic change that awaits, and which is required.
And that decision now has very real consequences. They could be
catastrophic. Or maybe not? The stock market recovered quickly,
predictions are a fool’s errand when the future is truly
unknowable. Maybe this is just the jolt we need to seriously begin
to question who we are as a nation…what values we stand for… And
what responsibility the elite-in politics, business and finance,
and in the media-has to the health of the greater whole.

Will we devolve into a second civil war? Will we destroy our last
chance to deal with climate change responsibly? It’s unknowable

Or perhaps we will usher in a positive 21st century American
Revolution and inspire the world again. Such a revolution will be
built on a new story to replace the growth-at-all-costs, extreme
neoliberalism that we have most certainly outgrown, and is
conflict with our understanding of how complex systems behave.
This new story of the Integral Age entails a fundamental and
profound shift to holistic thinking across all domains, with
dynamic networks replacing failed command and control
institutions. It demands clarifying means and ends in our
economics and aligning them with the universal principles that
define all other systems that survive over time, and the emergence
of a regenerative society that is most certainly underway. Not
overseen by Trump of course, but in the opportunity he will afford
us, difficult as it is, to stare at our shadow over the coming
four years, a mere blip in the course of history.


John Fullerton is the founder and president of Capital
Institute, a collaborative working to illuminate how our economy
and financial system can operate to promote a more just,
regenerative, and thus sustainable way of living on this earth.
He is the author of “Regenerative
Capitalism: How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape
the New Economy.”
Through the work of Capital Institute,
regular public speaking engagements, and university lectures,
John has become a recognized thought leader, exploring the
future of Capitalism. John is also a recognized “impact
investment” practitioner as the principal of Level 3 Capital Advisors, LLC.

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