Best stock to invest in – Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2016: Just The Numbers (9-1 to 10-11-16)

Best stock to invest in

Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA

I missed my regular monthly update of my Ten

Clean Energy Stocks for 2016 model portfolio at the start of
October due to vacation.  This mini-update will just give the
numbers through October 11th, without the regular discussion of
company events.  I’ll follow up in early November covering
highlights for the full two months.  As you can see from the
chart below, the portfolio and all sub-portfolios did very well by
outperforming their benchmarks by 3% to 12% for the six week period.

See the May

update for a description of the benchmarks.

Individual stocks

Growth stocks led the way, especially MiX Telematics Limited

At the time of the last
, I said “the three growth stocks remain extremely
cheap, especially REGI and MIXT.”  Readers who bought these two
stocks at that time should have seen an average 16% return on the
investment over the past 6 weeks, almost all of it attributable to
MIXT, which was up 32%.  The big gains for this vehicle
tracking stock seem mostly due to the completion
of the previously announced repurchase of stock. 

I’ve been very bullish about the effects of this repurchase in previous
.  I only wonder why it took so long for the
market to notice.  The stock has been so undervalued I believe
it still has plenty of room to run.

Disclosure: Long HASI, AMRC, MIXT,,  RNW/TRSWF, PEGI, EVA,

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– Best stock to invest in

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