Best stock to invest in – What Just Happened: SunEdison, First Solar, and SolarCity

Best stock to invest in

2016 was a wild year and not just for solar and after decades of
reliance on government incentives, subsidies and mandates the
global solar industry may be inured to unpredictability but the
industry as a whole should be wary of global trends.  Solar
PV expert Paula Mints looked at a number of the developments for
solar companies in the December edition of  SPV Market Research’s Solar
Flare.  Adapted for, this series of
articles is reprinted with permission.

In 2015 SunEdison (SUNEQ)
was still buying up companies, developing projects, sponsoring
conferences and was viewed – though skeptically by some – as an
industry leader. Now pieces of the company, including projects in
various stages of development, are available for pennies on the

What it means for solar: For developers and investors looking for a
good buy there is a lot available at, again, pennies on the dollar.
Not all of SunEdison’s orphaned projects will be developed, and not
all will be developed by the buying company, but many will be
developed and at the bargain they were acquired may even be

SunEdison’s failure, one of poor executive decision making and lax,
poor oversight, cast good people adrift. Most will find their way
back to solar jobs and some will not. The true victims of the
SunEdison debacle were its own employees.

and Tesla (TSLA)
merge their debts and companies.

No one should have doubted that Mr. Musk would prevail in the merger
of one highly flawed business model and two highly leveraged
companies. A SolarCity failure would have had repercussions far
beyond those of SunEdison as employees and residential lessees and
PPA holders would have been affected. This is not reason enough to
cheer bad business, but it is something salvaged.

What it means for solar: As with Tesla’s non-announcement about its
non-existent solar roof tiles and its non-enforceable MOU with
Panasonic Solar, expect a lot of PR an-nouncements about upcoming
product releases as well as a lot of slipped release dates. All this
marriage of debt means for solar right now is, basically, nothing.

Paula Mints is founder of SPV Market Research, a
classic solar market research practice focused on gathering data
through primary research and providing analyses of the global
solar industry.  You can find her on T
witter @PaulaMints1
and read
her blog here.

– Best stock to invest in

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