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In an alternate October 26, 1985, noted plutonium thief Dr. Emmett Brown arrived from the year 2015 in a flying DeLorean time machine to persuade his trusted confidant and skateboarding high schooler Marty McFly, as well as Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker, to travel back to the future. Marty and Jennifer’s child, Marty Jr., had a run-in with the law that ruins the McFly family.

Dr. Brown sets the DeLorean to arrive on October 21, 2015, allowing enough time for them to prevent Marty Jr. from crashing into the Hill Valley Courthouse. Marty and Dr. Brown successfully perform their mission, yet return to an alternate 1985, one that is full of chaos and anarchy. The dynamic duo discover that the bully and manure enthusiast Biff Tannen managed to get his hands on a sports almanac and used the DeLorean to travel back to 1955 to meet with his younger self to give him the almanac to use it for accurately predicting the winners of sporting events.

If you have not caught on by now, I was not describing an alternate reality, rather the plot to the beloved Back to the Future: Part II. Today marks the date Marty, Doc, and Jennifer (technically) arrive in the future – Back to the Future Day.

Back to the Future: Part II has been on the minds of many people this year, especially because the movie made the predication of the Chicago Cubs winning the 2015 World Series. They also predicted that people would wear sneakers that tied themselves, eat hydrated foods, use video communication via televisions, and ride on hoverboards.

Along with these predications, the film also had both overt and subtle product placement of companies that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, presumably, thought would still be relevant in 2015. In honor of this glorious day, let’s take a look at the October 26, 1985 stock prices of the notable companies mentioned in the film.

Unfortunately, October 26, 1985 was a Saturday, so I will be using the closing price of October 25, 1985. Furthermore, not all the companies in the film were publically traded in 1985, so I will be using their opening year price on October 26th or the date closest to the 26th. Let’s strap into our theoretical DeLoreans and begin our journey through space-time.

1.       Nike (NKE)


Everyone who has seen Back to the Future II wants a pair of these self-tying sneakers. They are by far the coolest sneakers Nike has ever made. Nike was not the juggernaut it currently is back in 1985. It took a few years after the release of the first Air Jordan sneaker before the company gained serious global notoriety.

Nike’s closing price on October 25, 1985 was $0.42 per share. Yes, a measly $0.42 per share. The company’s per share price has grown exponentially since then, currently trading for about $132 per share.

2.       Pepsi (PEP)


When Marty walked into the nostalgic Café 80s, all he wanted to drink was a Pepsi. A Pepsi Perfect appears from below the counter for a whopping $50. Luckily, soda in our 2015 does not cost $50 per bottle.

Pepsi’s closing price on October 25, 1985 was $3.47 per share. 30 years later, Pepsi is still one of the top soda companies in the world, and its stock price is currently trading at about $100 per share.

3.       Apple (AAPL)


Apple makes a very small and subtle appearance in Back to the Future: Part II. An old Apple Macintosh desktop is labeled as “Antique Computer” in the store Marty purchases the sports almanac. Coincidently, Apple did develop FaceTime, which is essentially the same thing as the video calls 2015 Marty used to speak with his supervisor.

Apple’s closing price on October 25, 1985 was $1.29 per share. Apple stock is currently being traded at about $114 per share and is very relevant in 2015.

4.       Mattel (MAT)


Quite frankly, the only thing people want from Mattel is the hoverboard. The most memorable scene from Back to the Future: Part II is the hoverboard chase sequence. Children and adults have been yearning for a hoverboard since 1989. All we want in life is a hoverboard!

Mattel did not become a public company until 2009, and its October 26th stock price of that year was $19.66 per share. The toy manufacturer is currently trading at just over $23 per share and has a Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell). Maybe if Mattel would develop a hoverboard, the company would not be missing on earnings estimates 7 of the last 10 quarters.

5.       Pizza Hut (YUM)


How cool would it be to just by packets of dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza, put in a hydrator, and in seconds, have a pie ready to eat? Think about all the time you would save by not having to wait 15-20 minutes heating up a frozen pizza in the oven.

Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, which began trading in 1997. Its stock price on October 24, 1997 was $8.25 per share. Yum! Brands is currently trading at about $73 per share, and that is without offering dehydrated Pizza Hut products.

Final Thoughts

If there was only a way to bend space-time onto itself to travel back to 1985 and invest just $500 in Nike, Apple, and Pepsi each. I would be a very rich man. Granted, I would be creating an alternate timeline that would be drastically different than the timeline we are all currently living in. There would be two Andrews present in this new timeline, unless I do the opposite of the plot of Back to the Future and prevent my parents from ever meeting.

In any event, all we can do, however, is just imagine what our reality would become if we could have invested in some of these companies.

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