Best stocks to invest in – What Consumers & Investors Are Saying About Today’s Apple Event

Best stocks to invest in

It’s that time of year when America’s most secure cellphone maker Apple Inc., (AAPL) is currently having its large-scale “Apple Event” that details all the upcoming gadgets the tech juggernaut will be releasing.

There has been serious buzz about the forthcoming iPhone 7. An article on suggests that the iPhone 7 may not have a headphone jack, as well as have an all glass face equipped with an under-the-screen Touch ID sensor and 3D Touch-powered virtual home button feature.

The hypothetical design will be slimmer and smaller than previous iPhone models, and will also have a redesigned antenna on the back. “The best part of this iPhone 7 concept is the lack of the physical home button,” the article reads. “Coupled with the absence of the headphone jack, an on-screen home button with fingerprint-sensing capabilities would let Apple reduce the bezel size on the iPhone 7 without messing with the screen size.”

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Despite the article presenting a rather interesting hypothetical design of Apple’s impending new phone, both investors and consumers overall have not been too high on today’s Apple Event. Let’s take a look to see what people have been saying.

The Investors

It appears that Susan is willing to get new Apple products:

$AAPL I’m pleased. I’ll buy the new phone. Was thinking of switching, but prefer ios.

— Susan (@UriahHeap) Mar. 21 at 01:05 PM

James Blanchet skeptical about Apple’s innovation:

$SPY $AAPL Tim Cook be like dont worry, innovation coming, well as soon as we reverse engineer Samsungs and Android new features 😉

— James Blanchet (@IronCondorBear) Mar. 21 at 01:08 PM

User AubanatoR is not buying another iPad:

$AAPL bull poo, I just bought a iPad mini 4, 3 weeks ago. Like I’m going to upgrade now.

— AJM (@AubanatoR) Mar. 21 at 01:06 PM

Steven does not like Apple’s business approach:

$AAPL more products for more profits and stuck price goes downhill? Yes, sounds about right.

— Steven (@SmallPHighI) Mar. 21 at 01:08 PM

And Luke Miller is all on board with Apple and the iPhone:

$AAPL buy now it’s a bolder slinging colossus. Will take over video streaming,crush cable and coming out with the new iPhone # #iphone

— Luke Miller (@lukemiller) Mar. 17 at 01:03 PM

The Consumers

John Feminella isn’t too thrilled about the Apple Event:

Jeff Bakalar is slightly less thrilled as John:

Macworld columnist and “improbable two-time Jeopardy! champion” Glenn Fleishman simply does not understand what Apple is trying to accomplish:

And finally, tech report Bridget Carey provides some a humorous .GIF about the upcoming iPhone:

Final Thoughts

According to a live stream article by, Apple has been primarily promoting a new iPad Pro with a 9.7 inch display. The 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB WiFi only models are priced at $599, $749, and $899, respectively. The new device will out available March 31st.

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This new iPad will have the same 12-megapixel sensor and features as the iPhone SE per the aforementioned article. Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller is quoted, “It’s the ultimate PC replacement,” when speaking about the new iPad.

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to announce the upgrades and pricing of the Apple Watch. The company is cutting the price of the watch $50 to $299 and is currently available. The new Apple Watches will have new “woven nylon bands” with different colors.

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Apple’s environmental director Lisa Jackson stated that more than 90% of the power Apple uses comes from renewable sources – primarily solar panels – and 99% of the paper packaging it uses is recycled. The goal for the company is to have 100% of its energy renewable.

Apple stock is only marginally down on the day, less than 1%. It appears that the product being presented at today’s event is not doing enough for investors to purchase shares of AAPL. The company is going to have to hope that sales of these new products outperform whatever expected numbers they are projecting, because this event has been quite underwhelming.


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