Good stocks to invest – More problems for Technics Oil and Gas following Soilbuild’s owe money pay money

Good stocks to invest

After today’s post that it is likely Technics Oil and Gas will have difficulty in paying Soilbuild Business Trust for their sale and lease back rental, today there are more announcements that perhaps Technics is a going concern.

This evening there are 2 more announcement.


The first announcement refers to the failure to follow through by a customer on a potential lifeboat built. An announcement of a contract is sometimes never the same as when a payment milestone is met and cash flow is recorded.


And they have 2 owe money pay money situation to add on top of Soilbuild Business Trusts.



Interestingly, if you like High Yield Dividend Stocks, Technics can be considered a real one where they pay good dividends in 2010 and 2011.

A failure to understand property business prospecting may cause you to not ask the important question: Are those two years the peak of operation and hard to repeat, or is this a new fundamental paradigm shift for Technics Oil and Gas?

Sometimes property business and stock prospecting is still required for risk management.

Nothing to do with the share price and all. The financial data would make you ask that question.


– Good stocks to invest

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