Good stocks to invest – Saizen REIT Accepts Acquisition Offer for Residential at NAV

Good stocks to invest –

I think Saizen REIT shareholders have endured a roller coaster ride since listing. For those that bought low or current there are good news.

This week it was announced that the REIT is considering an offer to purchase their residential asset.

There was this announcement today.

The REIT have decided to accept the offer to buy at an NAV, which is 36.7% higher at last trading price.


After this, the REIT will likely distribute the proceeds as special dividend. What is left will be more of a shell company.

For those investors that have bought at recent or historical prices, this represents a great win, especially for those CNAV investors as well that pick this stock due to below NAV, and for the investors looking for high dividend yielding companies like those listed on my Dividend Stock Tracker

– Good stocks to invest

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