Good stocks to invest – Where to Find and Get Your Income Tax E-Statement in IRAS Website

Good stocks to invest

It is that time of the year where you might dread a little.

Or maybe more.

This is where you find out how much you have to pay in income tax for the past work year.

I received an SMS:

Log in to to view your latest income tax bill. For SingPass users, 2FA is required. More details @

I went to the income tax website, login, and am so lost where to find my latest income tax bill.

As an engineer, I have seen some bad interfaces. IRAS really need to do something about this.

Your income tax statement can be download as a PDF document.

If you keep your financial life tidy, you would want to archive the e-statement.

Here is where you can find it.


First you need to login with your SingPass. Choose My Personal Tax Matters and click on the SingPass button.


Next login to your SingPass.

For the folks who are unfamiliar with SingPass, the interface will not tell you this but you need an S in front of your ID and the NRIC alphabet at the end is Uppercase as well.

So if your IC is s7983721h remember to type it as S7983721H.

Many people couldn’t login and was so frustrated because no one told them this.



And then you will be brought to the main page. The first time I came here I was lost where to find my income tax statement.

Not very clear isn’t it!

Click on Correspondence & Notice


Click on Letters / Notices


Click on Letters/Notices


And then you will hit the jackpot. The line items with the subject Notice of Assessment are your income tax statement. the GIRO Approval Notice is your GIRO payment instructions. It is good to take a look at your GIRO schedule.

Hope this helps you if you are thinking of archiving your statement.

However, from what I see, there are only 5 years of archive statements.

If you wish to archive the e-copy, there is an alternative: The cameras on your phone nowadays are pretty good. Take a photo and archive the photo.

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