Good stocks to invest – Yahoo Finance Data Shuts Down – My Modification to My Stock Portfolio Tracker

Good stocks to invest

The users of my FREE Stock Portfolio Tracker, which tracks stocks that you own by transactions are complaining that their prices were not updating.

Specifically, the Yahoo prices on Yahoo Data Ref are not updating.

And they were wondering if its my spreadsheet acting up again.

The answer is no.


If you view the Yahoo Data Refs, you will see something like this.

What happens is that Yahoo, which got bought over by Verizon, decided to shut down the Yahoo Finance API, which they deem we are using not legally.

It has come to our attention that this service is being used in violation of the Yahoo Terms of Service. As such, the service is being discontinued. For all future markets and equities data research, please refer to

This affects not just my Stock Portfolio Tracker.

Many folks get their live prices and data through this method for their website, Microsoft Excel and other form of software.

You are likely not the only one disappointed.

I am too. I use my stock portfolio tracker as my main way of tracking.

This comes shortly after Google have decided to take down their stock portfolio feature.

So this have not been a good week.

How does this Impact You?

In the past we have some outages.

Some of these are due to how Google Spreadsheet handles the data calling.

Some of it is due to Kyith’s incompetency in implementation.

Some of it is due to the Yahoo Data.

This time it is likely this Yahoo Data Source is dead.

So this means that you need to rely on other data sources.

The Stock Portfolio Tracker takes its prices from Google or Yahoo.

The natural fallback plan is to use Google.

If your portfolio contains USA and Hong Kong stocks, Google still have prices for those. Your impact will be less.

But if your portfolio have exchanges that is not supported by Google (for example Singapore), you will face a problem.

You will need to find alternative data sources.

If you have those, you might be able to integrate them into the stock portfolio tracker.

Manually Update your Financial Asset Prices

One solution is to manually update the prices.

There is a reason I came up with a manual price column. It is meant for situation like this.


If Google and Yahoo Stock Prices are not working, manual price will take over.

My Solution for the Singapore Stock Investors

Since I have a lot of stocks in Singapore, and I am sure there is a sizable chunk of people who have, I need to come up with some solution.

As investors, not traders, we just need our prices to be updated once per day.

So what I did is to host the end of the day SGX prices on Investment Moats.

This prices will be updated in the evening for a trading day.

You can modify your Yahoo Data Ref to point to a specific Investment Moats url, to update your Yahoo Data Ref.

You can then pull the prices for your stocks from this list.

Here is how you do it.


  1. Go to Yahoo Data Ref
  2. At Cell A2, copy the formula and back it up somewhere (in case you want to revert it)
  3. Replace the formula with the following >> =arrayformula(ImportData(“”&’Read This First’!$B$5))
  4. You should see a list of 1000++ stock code, name, prices


5. Go to your Stock Summary.

6. Remove the “.SI” from your Yahoo Quotes.

7. You should start seeing your “Yahoo Price” in column G updated

8. If you are using a Time Trigger to Keep the Google Spreadsheet to refresh the data, you can set the time of the interval to 1 hour as it does not have to be so frequent. You can even set it to one day.

Is the Stock Portfolio Tracker inferior now?

I think we lost something vital but for me the beauty of the Stock Portfolio Tracker has always been its ability to track what you own by buy, sell, dividend, stock split transactions.

Whether price updates automatically is a good to have.

For some users, Google prices currently is there, and for Singapore users, with this work around, the only tired person is Kyith.

Unfortunately, if your exchange is not supported by Google, or not in Singapore you have to find the way to get the prices, and they might eventually still integrate well in Stock Portfolio Tracker.

Did you guys find some other data sources?

What other alternatives are out there for you?

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