Stock investing for dummies – 7 Reasons To Visit Disneyland As An Adult

Stock investing for dummies

stock-investing-for-dummies If you think Disneyland is just for kids you’re wrong.

As an adult, going to Disneyland is a great way to relax, enjoy friends and family, take a break from everyday life and of course, reminisce over childhood memories. (And if you happen to have kids, bringing them to Disneyland makes you the coolest parent in the world!)

Here are seven things you’ll really enjoy at Disneyland as an adult (trust me, I know, I was just there).

#1 The Rides

When is the last time you’ve went to a theme park and rode rides? If you want to have some fun and forget about the normal, everyday stressors of life you MUST check out some of these rides. And don’t worry, whether you’re an adventure seeking rider or more of the laid back type there’s something for you.

If you’re ready to have some fun and get your adrenaline pumping you need to check out one of these rides:

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Splash Mountain
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds

If you’re not a fan of big drops and curves and instead would rather enjoy a more slow-paced but equally fun ride you need to check these out:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Star Tours

One of my favorites is Tom Sawyer’s Island. It’s not a ride really (and it was under construction in May 2016), but I love feeling like a kid again running around the island.

#2 California Adventure Park

The California Adventure Park is located next door to Disneyland and will provide you even more entertainment options.

While you’re there grab an adult beverage and take a stroll down Hollywood Land or check out a midday show.

One of my favorite rides in California Adventure is the Radiator Springs Racers. There’s also Soarin’ Over California, which is a lot of fun as well.

#3 Meeting The Characters

Young or old, it’s always fun to meet and take pictures with all the Disney characters. I didn’t know this until I went recently, but Mickey Mouse hangs out in his house for most of the day (same with Minnie Mouse and others). However, before the parades, you can sometimes catch them on Main Street taking pictures as well.

The tough part is, the wait can sometimes be a while. At their house, expect to wait at least 45 minutes to see them. If you happen to catch them on Main Street, the line can get long very quickly. The Disney staff will usually stop the lines after about 20 people, so if you’re not quick, you’ll miss your chance.

#4 Downtown Disney

If you’re wanting to experience a taste of adult night life you’re going to love Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney is beautifully lit up at night and has access to drinks, shops and good food. Some of the favorite attractions of Downtown Disney are the Boat House, an upscale restaurant where you can enjoy steak or seafood, the cocktails at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar bar, and the many unique shops, just to name a few.

The great thing about Downtown Disney is that there are real restaurants that serve alcohol and take reservations. I’ve found that if you make reservations when you arrive, you can set yourself up for an enjoyable dinner. Plus, having a margarita or beer is a great afternoon break from the park.

#5 The Food

Speaking of good food I think you’ll be beyond impressed with the choices you have at Disneyland. Disneyland offers a wide variety of cuisines and some pretty interesting adult drinks you’ve never even heard of.

When you visit Disneyland be sure to give yourself ample time to try out the food and drinks. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re able, I highly suggest you make reservations for lunch at the Blue Bayou restaurant. This is the restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean. Why lunch? Because it’s great to go inside and cool off, and you probably want to have dinner at Downtown Disney. Oh, and it’s also one of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever been to.

#6 The Weather

Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California. If you’re from the Midwest or East Coast you’ll feel like you’re walking on sunshine.

California has some of the best weather for theme park visiting. Plus, if you go anytime from about April to October, you can expect it to be in the 70s or 80s, and warm until the park closes at 10pm.

My favorite time of day is dusk and early evening on a warm day, and walking through Disneyland during this time is magical.

#7 For Nostalgia’s Sake

Really, what could be better than grabbing some friends or family members and visiting past childhood heroes? Visiting Disneyland is magical, even for adults. Trust me, if you’ve ever been to Disneyland as a kid, it’s awesome to go again and relive your childhood memories. Even if you don’t have children yet, it can be a lot of fun.

Also, with all of the new additions of Star Wars and Marvel that they are building at the parks, it’s awesome to experience both old Disney and new.

If you’re looking to unwind and take a break from normal life I can’t think of anywhere better to go.

What are your thoughts? Have you visited Disneyland as an adult?

Disney provided passes for me to visit and review the park for this story. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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