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Stock investing for dummies

stock-investing-for-dummies Acorns is a company committed to every aspect of investing. The company uses professionals from a range of industries to help influence all investment decisions. Financiers, as well as the best mathematicians, work with Acorns to diversify each portfolio.

Getting Started

Opening an account with Acorns is fairly consistent with other companies in the field. An easy to navigate sign up process welcomes investors to the company. New users will need a credit card or debit card as well as a currently open checking account. After verification, the Acorns team will begin setting up a portfolio for investors.


The site has several requirements for new accounts. Users must be US residents that are over 18 years old. Any members of the military with US addresses that are out of the country during tours of duty are accepted.

Quick Deposit Options

Acorns prides itself on quick deposit options that make it easy to reinvest or add funds for those special stock purchases. Credit cards, as well as PayPal accounts, may be used to handle all deposits. The recurring deposit feature allows users to set up regular payments at scheduled intervals. A rounding up program takes spare change from an account holder’s other purchases or bills to establish subtle deposits that add up over time.


All portfolios are invested in exchange-trade funds or ETFs. Six carefully chosen ETFs are used to make up a portfolio. These funds are traded much like stocks and consist of stocks, bond, and commodities.


Acorns realizes that technology is at the forefront of modern investments. That’s why the company gives users the chance to control and monitor their accounts through an easy-to-use app. According to Fortune, this feature is helping younger users becomes investors. “Of Acorns’ 650,000 registered customers, 75% are under the age of 35.” This app features a wide range of selections that cover everything an account holder would need. Information used on the app is stored and users can be assured that every detail is safe if any issues occur.

No Minimums or Commissions

Unlike some online investment companies, there are no minimum investments to qualify for Acorns’ services. Commissions are also not assessed to any transaction. That means fewer worries about advice from the site’s staff of professionals.


Referrals are accepted for this company. Users who refer a new investor must present their personal invitation goal to receive rewards. The rewards can be up to $100 a year and are paid after new users complete their applications.


This service charges set fees for monthly and yearly use. As of 2016, accounts with a balance of under $5000 dollars are assessed a fee of $1 while those over $5000 are charged .25% of their total balance. Students that can prove they are enrolled in a college or university may invest for no free. All users also receive free withdrawals on their account.

A Great Choice for First Time Investors

Acorns provides a great start for first-time investors. Their easy-to-use features and straight forward approach to investments make new investors comfortable about stepping into the world of stocks and bonds. Anyone with a limited income may also benefit from this service. The lack of minimum deposits and account balances helps anyone with a small amount of funds become an investor.

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