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Stock investing for dummies

stock-investing-for-dummies CordiaGrad is a smaller financial company that is actively competing with large institutions. Their smaller size means more room for negotiation and one-on-one advisors to assist with every step of the process. The main selling point for CordiaGrad is full transparency at all times. That may come from a founding mentality that large institutions are not the best fit for every lender.


Many requirements are standard for the lending industry. Applicants must be a US Citizen over 23 years of age at the time of signing. Proof of income, as well as credit, will be needed to complete any full loan application. Co-signers may be added, but other terms related to their current credit score and income may apply. References are required for both lendees and their co-signers. Each reference should be over age 18 and not living at the same address of either party.

Interest Rates

CordiaGrad uses prime rate to establish their interest rates. It can change quarterly and affects the rate of the variable APR. A lower interest rate is available to lendees with a CordiaGrad checking account. Automatic payments from selected accounts may also lower the interest rate on long-term loans.

Term Lengths

Both fixed rate and variable rate selections are available to qualified applicants. The fixed rate can be set to 5 year, 8 year, or 12 year options. Variable rates last between 5 to 8 years. CordiaGrad reserves the right to deny an option based on possible credit issues.


Unlike some financial companies, CordiaGrad offers deferment options based on various circumstances. These circumstances include job loss and death of the lendee. Other deferments may be available.

Credit Review

A standard credit review is necessary to process any application. There is no fee charged for the service and applicants may ask to see any data retrieved during the search. This includes a full list of reasons for denials.


The company works to reach customers through a variety of sources and customer service avenues. Whether it’s questions or comments, CordiaGrad actually promotes communication. In addition to phone and email options, lendees can arrange a face to face meeting with a representative.

Rewards Program

Rewards programs have become popular among many smaller lending companies. CordiaGrad offers their own incentive based referral program for current lendees. For each successful application, the referrer receives $200. Other restrictions may apply and referrers are encouraged to ask for more details.

Special Loans

Medical students will find special loans available based on their degree. Participants programs that cover MD, DO and DDS degrees can obtain loans over $350,000. Applicants in these situations are encouraged to call the service for special processing instructions.


CordiaGrad offers a safe and easy application process that works with the applicant to address every concern. Their refinancing programs help people with high-interest loans reach a more manageable monthly payment. This is especially helpful for recent graduates just starting out. Their well-written blog offers helpful information that answers a wide range of issues and situations

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