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Stock investing for dummies

stock-investing-for-dummies If you are ready to take the next step toward building a sound investment portfolio, you have a dizzying array of convenient, online choices. Among the most user-friendly online resources is Kapitall, an innovative platform that’s quickly earned a solid reputation among experts in the investment field despite being a relative newcomer to the field.

Kapitall actually morphed from a gaming platform into an online broker in late 2009-2010.  Kapitall boasts that “if you can drag and drop, you can trade. It’s as simple as that.” And the online investment company does its best to live up to that promise by simplifying the process for you.

After a simple, no-cost sign in, Kapitall provides a test account that enables you to manipulate 100k of virtual money while learning the ropes in a most compelling fashion. You can test as many market theories as you like and even interact with other brokers as you explore the possibilities.

When using your test account you’re provided a gaming style video interface that makes learning about investing easy and fun. Kapitall takes the game-like experience a step further with monthly competitions where you vie with other virtual traders for cash prizes. When you’re ready to build your real portfolio, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you need to do to maximize your investments.

Benefits of Choosing Kapitall

Kapitall has no minimum investment and doesn’t charge a quarterly maintenance fee. You’re charged a flat $7.95 commission per trade.

Like all reputable online investment platforms, Kapitall features high-end data encryption, monitors all online activity and has an automatic sign-out designed to keep your personal information secure. In addition to providing the usual advantage of creating an aggregate analyst rating for each stock, Kapitall also reveals the expected forward P/E rating for any stock, calling it the “price of profit,” which translates to the amount you pay for one year of forward earnings.

The Options

You are restricted to stocks and other exchange-traded securities and ETFs and must invest using a traditional table account Kapitall does not offer the same wealth of options available with some of the larger online brokers.

Final Verdict

Kapitall offers one of the most engaging, simple-to-use interfaces. The platform puts the prospective investor in a gaming competition using virtual money. This gives you the opportunity to learn the ropes while operating with other prospective investment before making real-life decisions.

The $7.95 per trade commission is higher than average; some competitors weigh in at only $4.95.  Because Kapitall has fewer options than some of its competitors, you might be tempted to use the compelling platform to learn about the investment then jump ship to another online investment company.

It’ a perfect starting point for someone who is new to online investing. The combination of its rich graphics, user-friendly interface and the chance to learn the ins and outs of online trading, Kapitall makes a compelling case that is sure to continue to attract many new investors.

– stock investing for dummies

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