Stock investing for dummies – Quicken For Mac 2017 Review – Still Doesn’t Meet Expectations

Stock investing for dummies


Quicken has been known as one of the best personal finance software tools around. For Windows computers, it’s probably the best out there if you’re not looking for an online solution. However, for Mac users, Quicken has created a different product that is sub-par. 

In 2016, Intuit sold Quicken to a private equity group, and there were high hopes that development would accelerate on a Mac version of Quicken that compares to the Windows version.​ In their press release, they even announced that Quicken 2017 for Mac would include a budgeting feature (it does), along with other releases. 

To be transparent, I stopped using Quicken about 3 years ago, and switched to Personal Capital.​ The reason was that I wanted better tracking of my investments, hated using a virtual machine on my Mac to run Quicken, and wanted a great mobile solution. Personal Capital offered all of those, and based on our review today, they still hold the lead. 

Also to note, Quicken provided a complimentary copy of their software to review. Quicken for Mac retails for $74.99​, and you can buy it on both and in the app store. I’ve found that you might get a sale on, and you also typically get better support on a company’s website versus the app store. Something to keep in mind.

Key Quicken For Mac 2017 Features

Quicken for Mac 2017 has made some big improvements over prior versions. The most obvious improvement is the user interface, which is much better designed, easier to use, and it connect with Apple’s notification center to give you alerts.

Based on my experience, I would also say that Quicken has improved account syncing and available financial institutions. This was a gap for me in prior versions, which so far seems to have been improved.

They have also made some minor improvements to the budgeting section, reporting, customization, and more.

Honestly, the current release of Quicken for Mac 2017 looks like a beta version of Quicken 2018, because they left a lot of blank space available for future menus and tools. That’s why I’m hoping for at least.​



Mobile App

Yes, both iOS and Android



Investment Tracking


Online Bill Pay


Quicken For Mac 2017 Video Review​

Check out our deep dive into using Quicken For Mac in real life:

Quicken For Mac 2017 Pros And Cons

Quicken for Mac 2017 does a lot of things right, but as we said, it’s still lacking functionality is some major key areas.


  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • Great syncing with most banks and investment firms
  • Good mobile app
  • Strong budgeting tool
  • Online Bill Pay and Bill Minder​


  • Lacking a lot of key features with investment tracking, including the ability see allocation, asset types, and run scenarios for the future
  • Lacks ability to add housing automatically (using Zillow)
  • Calendar is funky with color coding
  • The price of $74.99 is very high for what you get (compared to Mint or Personal Capital, which are free)​

Quicken For Mac 2017 Final Verdict

Honestly, after using Quicken for Mac 2017, we cannot recommend it over using Mint or Personal Capital, simply because of the cost of the product versus what you get for free online.​ The fact that is costs $74.99 is just too steep for the basic account management and budgeting you get.

I get the feeling that this is a “beta” version of Quicken 2018 – there’s a lot of blank space on menu bars that gives me hope that Quicken is going to be adding in a lot of features for Mac in 2018. Cross your fingers.​

Have you tried Quicken for Mac 2017? What are your thoughts?

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