Stock investing for dummies – Save Money With The Qmee Browser Extension

Stock investing for dummies

stock-investing-for-dummies It’s always hard to tell whether a company that claims to help you earn and save extra money is legit. Especially, if it’s relatively easy to use.

Qmee is one company that claims to help users both earn and save money in a fairly effortless way. I decided to test it out and can say that the service is what it says it is – simple, but effective.

While you’re not going to get rich with Qmee there are several ways you can save and earn extra money.

How Qmee Works

Qmee works much differently than other get-paid-to-search sites I’ve tried. In many ways it works to the users benefit more efficiently.

When you sign up with Qmee you’ll install a browser extension. This lets Qmee work in the background looking for savings and earnings opportunities when you search on Google, Amazon, Bing, and Yahoo.

When you search these sites Qmee will looks for savings and discounts, coupon codes and extra cash rewards. These offers will be shown in the sidebar of the search page you’re on.

You can see in the example below that the Amazon search resulted in comparable products with coupon codes, stores the item was cheaper and an extra cash rewards opportunity.

(The extra cash reward is the third option down on the sidebar. If you were to click on that sponsored link eight cents would be credited to your Qmee piggy bank.)

My Initial Concerns When Signing Up with Qmee

I had two initial worries when signing up with Qmee. The first was that it would be too invasive – but it’s not. Qmee will not show results for every search you make. They only show results when relevant.

My second concern was that the browser extension would slow down my computer but I haven’t noticed any difference in that regard.

What I Like the Most About Qmee

Like I said before, Qmee is a little different than the other sites I’ve tried in the past. Here are the features I like the most:

It’s Easy to Cash Out Your Money (No Minimums)

Qmee makes cashing out super easy. There are no minimums to get paid and they pay very quickly.

You also have the option of getting paid via Paypal, gift card or donating your earnings to a charity.

Qmee Always Works in the Background

With other programs I would sign up and then completely forget about them. Since Qmee runs on a browser extension it’s always on so I don’t forget about it.

Multiple Ways to Earn and Save

Aside from earning from your searches, you can also earn $1 for each friend you refer and take surveys for extra cash.

On the savings side, you’ll automatically be shown coupons, promotions and deals when you’re shopping online as long as Qmee has relevant information to display.

It All Adds Up

You’re not going to get rich using Qmee, but it’s a great way to save and earn money for the things you’re already doing. If you let your earnings accumulate overtime you could easily earn enough to put toward a fun goal or use to pay down debt.

You can get started with Qmee here.

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  • – Browser Extension Makes It Easy
  • – Easy To Get Paid Out
  • – Simple To Use


  • – Won’t Earn You Big Money

– stock investing for dummies

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