Stock investing for dummies – Take Your $5 And Run

Stock investing for dummies

I waste way too much time streaming Netflix. I’m not talking, “I love Stranger Things” level of wasted time. I’m talking, “Will Mary Kate or Ashley ever make an appearance on Fuller House?” level of wasted time.

So when I stumbled onto the idea of taking surveys online while watching TV, I thought I found true redemption. I was wrong… so, so wrong.

Taking surveys through InboxDollars is a huge waste of time, even if the time being wasted is Netflix time. Want to hear about my train wreck experience? Keep reading.


Get Sucked In With a $5 Signup Bonus

InboxDollars will try to suck you in with a tempting $5 signup bonus. All you have to do is provide your email address, and you get $5. An email address for $5? Sign me up.

I intelligently signed up with my junk email address, and after confirming my account, I got $5 credited to my account. Awesome!

At least, it would be awesome, but you can’t request payment until you earn $30. I assure you, it’s nearly impossible to get to that $30 payout limit.


Earn A Few Cents To Clog Up Your Inbox

After I enrolled for InboxDollars, I completed my profile. This 10 minute task yielded another $0.50. InboxDollars wanted to know every detail about my life. What’s my birthday? Do I have erectile dysfunction?

You have the option to say, “I prefer not to answer.” Of course, it leaves you wondering how InboxDollars plans to use your information. But you won’t wonder for long. InboxDollars uses your information to send targeted ads (“Paid Email”) your way. You get exactly one penny for opening these.

If you’re still reading, and somehow still enticed to signup for InboxDollars, let me advise you that paid email is not worth the click.

In good news, you can still retain your few cents per day without sending junk to your inbox. Simply tap, “Click Here to unsubscribe” at the bottom of your thrice daily paid email. Then adjust your settings. Go ahead and unsubscribe from all the notifications.

You’ll still have access to the InboxDollars website and all your “earnings” opportunities without clogging up your inbox. Lest you think I’m overly vigilant, I’m not. I don’t want my junk email inbox flooded with stupid offers when I’m trying to find my daily Sudoku puzzle.

stock investing for dummies

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