Stocks to invest in – 10 Strongest Cigarettes in USA, Ireland, UK, India, and Australia

Stocks to invest in

Real tobacco lovers can rejoice because we’ve collected a list of 10 strongest cigarettes in USA, Ireland, UK, India, and Australia.

Before we introduce our list, let’s agree that all cigarettes are dangerous even those that companies claim to be nicotine free and additive free. Just because they are additive free or nicotine free that does not mean they are safer, in fact, they are extremely harmful and will eventually damage our health beyond repair. According to American Lung Association, there are approximately 600 ingredients in a cigarette, and when burned, they create about 7,000 chemicals which cause serious illnesses, and at least 69 of them are known to cause cancer. We may agree or disagree with the statistics, as everyone has a right to an opinion, but the facts are here, so you can either choose to believe them or ignore them.


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Not only is tobacco harmful to smokers, but it’s harmful to non-smokers too. So the next time you light a cigarette around your non-smoker friends, you should take a moment to consider what you’re doing to them because when people say they cannot stand the smell of the cigarettes, you should believe them. We all get selfish sometimes, but this causes long-term effects, and it’s a serious thing.

Now, putting all this aside, as I said, we ALL know that cigarettes are dangerous, but nevertheless, we smoke, and that’s why we will stop nagging about the health effects. Since that’s the situation, we might as well talk about the best and strongest cigarettes out there. What is it that makes us like cigarettes so badly? Yes, nicotine is what we get addicted to, but smoking has become much more than simply an addiction. For many people, it’s a lifestyle, and as a consequence, we now have such a high number of varieties. Tobacco companies have tried to satisfy all our needs and create a cigarette for everyone’s taste. There are menthol cigarettes, light cigarettes, mild, and strong cigarettes. There are also herbal cigarettes made of leaves with cherry and vanilla aromas. Speaking of mild cigarettes, those labeled as “light” or “mild” proved to be even stronger than regular ones, so once it was revealed that the labels were misleading, making people believe they are choosing the safer option, companies were banned from putting these labels on cigarettes. As long as we are smoking, we have the right to know what we’re inhaling, right?

We wrote about 7 best cigarette brands in India earlier, so if you’re new to smoking, you can take a look at our list and consider the suggestions. This time, we were curious about the strength of cigarettes as well as their nicotine levels, so we set out to determine what the strongest cigarettes in countries like USA, Ireland, UK, India, and Australia are, and I must say that our task was not a very simple one. The strongest cigarettes are those that contain the highest level of nicotine and tar, but since not all countries have the same laws regarding this, the strongest cigarette in one country might be simply be considered mild and ordinary in another. For example, in EU, cigarettes should not contain more than 1.0mg of nicotine and 10mg of tar, but in the USA, these numbers can get much higher, as you will have the chance to read on our list. The numbers are much higher in India, too, but the difficulty is that there is no official record of nicotine and tar levels of cigarettes sold, so consumers may be unaware of what they are inhaling. This is a widely discussed topic on Quora. It is known that tar and nicotine levels in India are significantly higher than in European countries. However, there have been attempts to lower these levels, and companies have allegedly reduced the tar and nicotine levels in recent years. Supposedly, tar levels are now cut down to 16 while previously they ranged between 17-24mg, while nicotine has been lowered from 2mg to about 1.5. However, people are still not certain about what they are smoking as the information are still not disclosed publicly.

We read various discussions on Reddit and Topix in which people discussed the strongest cigarettes in order to find out what are the strongest brands of cigarettes according to smokers experience and suggestions. We visited Kiwicigs and Cigarette Store to check the tar and nicotine levels for all the cigarettes, and we came up with a list of strongest cigarettes in several countries. We ranked them according to the nicotine and tar levels, from the lowest to the highest. You may be surprised as much as we were when you take a look at our list. Check out the strongest cigarettes in USA, Ireland, UK, India, and Australia.

Stocks to invest in

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