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Stocks to invest in

If you’re looking for the 15 best imaginary island name ideas, then you probably have thought of a couple yourself at one time or another. It’s funny but, for some reason, imagining places to live in, or banish people to, has a soothing effect on me; it’s also extremely amusing, I love naming things; if you love it too, you should check out our 43 Good Names For Investment Companies. In this article, I will detail a list of fun make-believe spots around the world, some I wish existed; others, not so much. But first, some facts:


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Islands, even imaginary ones, are not all formed the same way; scientifically they can have three possible origins: Continental islands are those that form part of a continental shelf. Other islands are Oceanic and originate from either the collision of tectonic plates, subaquatic volcanic explosions (so badass), and coral reefs reaching the surface. Last, but not least, we have tropical islands, which are spawned, in most cases, from sand getting trapped between coral reefs.

However, although this is all valid, imaginary islands have their own way of going about, since they exist only inside my mind. Some depict our feelings, others, come from plain silliness, but I guarantee they will all make you laugh your undies off since you’ve probably visited one or two yourselves sometimes; so keep reading and find out.

15. The Island of Vanished Men

Or “Women”, whatever suits you. It’s a volcanic island located deep in the freezing Ocean of the Exes, where the blistering cold and constant threat of eruption make life unbearable. This is where you exile anyone who hurt you so bad that you had to banish them forever from your existence, and tried desperately to forget about the whole thing. However, this island might have the side effect of turning people into zombies and have them return crawling (and begging) after a long time, so beware not ever to allow this mind consuming have-beens to get anywhere near you. What do you think, does it qualify as one of the best imaginary island Name ideas?


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