Stocks to invest in – 15 Countries That Have Won Eurovision The Most

Stocks to invest in

Eurosong fans from around the world, stop racking your brain, as we’ve compiled you the list of the 15 countries that have won Eurovision the most, so you can sit back, relax, and re-listen your favorite hits.

Starting with 1956, every year in May, with a few exceptions, this biggest music spectacle puts hundreds of millions in front of the TV. The opinions are divided, and while some love it, the other find it cheese. One thing is for sure, the winner must be a full package – extraordinary performer that dances very well, sometimes slightly eccentric with exceptional vocal possibilities. Music shows such as X Factor and The Voice, also quite successful, are not the real threat to Eurosong, which is broadcasted on five continents, thus being worldwide famous. After all, we all grew up with the Eurovision, whether we like it or hate it. If you prefer the second choice more, then you should check out the list of the 10 Most Popular Songs of All-Time, because a good evergreen is something that we all like to listen from time to time. Thanks to the European Broadcasting Union – what was once a light entertainment program destined to bring together war-ravaged Europe, became the longest-running music contest ever.


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Before we turn up the music, let’s take a look at the sources we used while compiling the list. The Eurovision Times and the list of all Eurovision winners were more than helpful when it comes to the number of victories per country as well as the performer’s names and titles of their songs. For all additional information and facts, we used the official Eurovision website. So, refresh your memory while listening and reading about greatest songs of Eurovision, at least until the next year. These 15 countries are taking only 6 places, since many of them have the same number of wins. So, let’s find out which countries have the most music talents, at least when it comes to Eurovision! 

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