Stocks to invest in – 16 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android

Stocks to invest in

Are you in the mood to get familiar with the best offline strategy games for Android? We highly recommend you to stick to the end of the list if you are looking for some new and exciting games to play when there is no Wi-Fi.

We can all agree that smartphone games were better at their very beginnings. For example, you could play first two or three Angry Birds games for free, offline and without any micro transactions. A few years back, I notice there is a new Angry Birds game out. Eager to play a bit, I downloaded it immediately, but it didn’t stick around for a long time. I needed to make an account, be online all the time, and wait for some bonuses (or pay) in order to play. It became really hard to find a decent smartphone game you can enjoy, without having to spend extra money or be always online. The game developers are getting greedier, wanting to maximize their profit in every way possible. If they make it possible for you to play the game offline, you are not able to see the ads, and immediately, you are lowering their profit. And don’t get me started on micro transactions. That is just rude. I have to be fair, not all game developers are like this, there are still some that have users in the first place.



If you are looking for smartphone strategy games, there is much more to choose from than Clash of Clans. While doing the research for the article, I’ve noticed that there are many space – themed strategy games out there, while the classic historical ones like Age of Empires are a bit neglected. The trends in video games are always shifting, so there could be a comeback of historical real time strategies in the near future. At least I hope so. But, no matter which kind or sub genre of strategies you prefer, there will surely be something for you on our list. In case strategy games are not your cup of tea, you can also check our 10 free no Wi-Fi games for Android and iPhone.

In order to create the list of best offline strategy games for Android, we started by taking recommendations from Reddit, Phone Corridor, Softonic and other sources. Then we checked the recommended titles for the rating they have received from users on Google Play and ranked them accordingly. There were some recommendations we thought didn’t fit into strategy games genre, so they were not considered. Let’s check out the list below.

Stocks to invest in

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