Stocks to invest in – 8 Countries that Produce The Most Cheese in The World

Stocks to invest in

Cheese is widely loved and consumed all over the world, so we decided to bring you countries that produce the most cheese in the world. The fact that there are hundreds of types of cheese speaks enough about this food’s popularity. It doesn’t matter if you prefer it in your sandwich or with wine, cheese is always delicious.

It is assumed that cheese was produced even before recorded history. Cheese derives from the milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep is and forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein. The styles, textures, and flavors of cheese depend on the various factors like the origin of the milk, bacteria, mold, processing and aging. Nutritional value of cheese is also largely influenced by these factors. Different additives are added to achieve a distinct flavor or texture of the cheese.



Although cheese is popular food, there are some regions that are producing it more than others. Currently, the largest cheese producing region is Europe with 56.7% of world’s cheese production followed by Americas who account for 30.1% of world’s cheese.  Asia produces 6.4%, Africa 4% and Oceania 2.8%. Regions that produce the most cheese consume it in large quantities which can be seen from our list of 7 countries that eat the most cheese in the world.

To determine our 8 countries that produce the most cheese in the world, we looked at cheese production stats provided by Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations from 2013. There are no reports for the later years, and other sources are incomplete or refer to our source.  Countries are ranked according to their production volume in tonnes. Let’s start the cheesy countdown.

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