Stocks to invest in – The 9 Most Evil Female Serial Killers of All Time

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One of the first things to come to mind when inventorying the 9 most evil female serial killers of all time is that there aren’t nearly as many female serial killers as there are male. As a matter of fact, since 1820 only 16% of those apprehended have been female, but this comes as no surprise since women only began to be regarded by law as possible serial killers in 1990. Call me a feminist, but if I had to put money on why the numbers are so different I’d say that it’s chiefly because, like in many other fields, women just weren’t given the opportunity, nor the credit to really factor in. If you take a look at our 9 most evil serial killers ever, I think you’ll agree the people on murder watch this last century might have missed a couple of hundred unconventional ladies.


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An article in The New Yorker, based on a study conducted by evolutionary psychologist Marissa Harrison shows that unlike men, women tend to face the deed in a more rational and non-aggressive way, the most popular method being poison. Motive-wise, their drive is not one of sex or passion, whereas it involves a financial end in a vast majority of cases. This also differs from men, whose kills usually involve a weapon and are often uncomfortably messy.

Peter Vronsky, another expert in the matter, has recently shared some enlightening data on the myth that female killers prefer to unleash their murderous impulses on their families or male paramours. On the contrary, he asserts that in this day and age the ladies might even prefer strangers as victims, and more than 50% have murdered at least one female adult, with a female child murder rate of 32%. But you’re not here to read about rates! You just want some horrid stories about people being maliciously slaughtered, so let’s get this freak show on the road!

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