Top stocks to invest in – Cover Letters, Hedge Funds, Active Equity

Top stocks to invest in


1. The Golden Age of Hedge Funds

How many of the hedge funds out there are actually worth investing in? Ben Carlson, CFA, explores the question.

2. Yes, You Need a Cover Letter: Here’s How to Make It Good

If you don’t take the time to think strategically about your cover letter and make sure it is well written, you are missing an important opportunity, says Julia VanDeren.

3. Shortcuts to Factor Investing 101

If investors have the option to cheaply replicate their desired exposures to help solve their portfolio problems, then why shouldn’t they? Mark Harrison, CFA, curates the latest insights on what is meant by smart beta and factor investing and how they differ.

4. The Active Equity Renaissance: Rejecting a Broken 1970s Model

Collectively, active equity delivers no value to its investors and, in fact, extracts value from them. So what can be done to launch an active equity renaissance? C. Thomas Howard and Jason Voss, CFA, recommend retiring obsolete investment models, in the inaugural edition of their Active Equity Renaissance series.

5. Six Presentation Tips for Finance Professionals

Presenting is an essential responsibility for many finance professionals, says Julia VanDeren. To gauge just how essential, we asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers how often they have to give one. VanDeren also offers some critical advice from presentation expert Dave Underhill.

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