Top stocks to invest in – Top Five Articles from August: The Market in Wartime, Sam Zell, Fund Names

Top stocks to invest in

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1. What Happens to the Markets if America Goes to War

Mark Armbruster, CFA, reviews historical capital markets performance during times of war.

2. Three Formulas for Acing Your Next Job Interview

The “CV Queen” Victoria McLean, founder and CEO of City CV, offered some useful tips for acing job interviews in a recent CFA Institute webinar. Julia VanDeren discusses her insights.

3. Ignoring Fees Doesn’t Beat the Market

A large asset manager has claimed their funds beat the S&P 500 93% of the time. Unfortunately, that’s only true without accounting for fees. Preston McSwain explores what to learn from this exercise.

4. What to Call Your Fund

Can luck be multiplied through language? Picking a name for your firm that is both pronounceable and memorable would seem to play some role in the overall success of your effort. After all, you are unlikely to be the only game in town. Will Ortel explains.

5. Sam Zell on Global Growth: “Where’s the Demand?”

The first question Sam Zell asks when someone offers up an investment opportunity is “Where’s the demand?” Julie Hammond, CFA, examines this and other insights from Zell’s presentation at the 62nd CFA Institute Annual Financial Analysts Seminar.

Honorable Mention

6. Do Index Fund Portfolios Live Up to Expectations?

Are investors expecting more than index funds can deliver? David Allison, CFA, CIPM, weighs in.

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Top stocks to invest in

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