Top stocks to invest in – Top Five Articles from July: Better Conversations, Basic Factors, and Emerging Market Equities

Top stocks to invest in

1. Seven Questions for Better Conversations

Better conversations lead to better relationships, says Isaac Presley, CFA. To achieve that, you must talk less. And when you do speak, ask great questions.

2. Eugene Fama: Stick with Basic Factors

Have the advances in technology, computing power, and data made the markets more efficient? It’s “not clear,” according to Nobel laureate Eugene Fama. Ron Rimkus, CFA, outlines Fama’s position.

3. 10 Steps to Jump-Starting a Stalled Job Search

What should you do when your job search has stalled? Executive coach Robert Hellmann discussed 10 steps for revitalizing your efforts. Peter M.J. Gross explores the process.

4. Book Review: How to Make Money with Global Macro

Global macro is as much an exercise in navigating the political economy as it is an alternative investment strategy. Practitioners must recognize its limitations and remember that change is the one constant. Marc L. Ross, CFA, reviews this book by Javier Gonzalez.

5. Emerging Market Equities: Unloved and Under-Owned

“Emerging market equities [have] a history of headlines — mostly negative — and volatility,” said Devan Kaloo, head of global emerging markets equities at Aberdeen Asset Management. Yet there is reason for optimism, especially for those value investors who dive deeply into the fundamentals, which may be turning positive, Kaloo told attendees at the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference. Julie Hammond, CFA, writes about his presentation.

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Top stocks to invest in

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