Top stocks to invest in – Top Five Articles from May: Behavioral Finance, Blockchain, and ESG

Top stocks to invest in

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1. The Active Equity Renaissance: Behavioral Financial Markets

Jason Voss, CFA, and C. Thomas Howard have questioned many orthodoxies of modern portfolio theory (MPT). But what do they propose to take its place? Behavioral finance.

2. The Fintech Files: Understanding Blockchain

Blockchain is an often discussed, rarely understood topic. What is it all about? What changes will it bring to financial services? What are the benefits and roadblocks? Larry Cao, CFA, asked Jennifer Qin of Deloitte for her take on these questions.

3. The Active Equity Renaissance: Renaissance Portfolio Management

Dismantling the finance industry’s closet indexing factory is a critical step in The Active Equity Renaissance, observe C. Thomas Howard and Jason Voss, CFA.

4. Shortcuts to Factor Investing: Multifactor Portfolios and Benchmarking

Mark Harrison, CFA, looks at combining factors in multifactor portfolios and considers issues of performance measurement in factor investing, in this installment of his Shortcuts to Factor Investing series.

5. The Stampede into ESG

The recent stampede of asset managers into environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is reminiscent of another time and another industry, says Christopher K. Merker, PhD, CFA.

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